In 1979, Steve Guetterman and his wife Roberta founded Steve Guetterman Farms and since then have started Guetterman Turf and Guetterman Excavation.

Guetterman Turf was designed to produce excellent quality Kentucky Bluegrass and Turf Type Fescue. Steve started out wholesaling to installation companies and soon decided to install the grass himself. For 15 years Steve and his wife Roberta; sons, Ryan and Kris, and daughter Angie have been growing and installing Bluegrass and Fescue all around the Kansas City Area.

Guetterman Excavation was designed to provide our customers with a variety of products that range from hauling off debris with one of our dump trucks to building ball fields, parking lots or constructing new ponds. We also deliver topsoil and rock. Steve and Kris are the two master minds behind this business, while Roberta and Angie try to keep tabs on everything in the office.

Steve has always believed in excellent customer service in order to establish long term relationships. He prides himself by offering a variety of services to fully satisfy our customer needs.
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